Chairman Letter

To Our Clients and Staff,

The Great Aristotle said:” Change is the Only Constant in Life”. Successful people, enterprises and nations are those most capable of handling and dealing with “Constant Change”. Change in our political and economic daily lives.

Our ability as a firm to help our clients face and deal with an ever changing world, will determine our success. I personally am a great fan of change; fear of change only leads to failure.

Our staff will always be ready, and capable to assist our clients under all changing circumstances and situations, they may and will most certainly face them.
Once Alexander The Great ruled the known land, now Social Networks rule our lives and minds. This is the essence of human evolvement and progress.

Accounting & Auditing

Accounting and auditing services are common to all accounting firms. Yet even within these “basics” there are real and discernable differences..

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Careful tax planning is critical to any business operation. It involves an understanding of the inter-related areas of tax laws as they continually change..

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Management Advisory

The increased complexity of the evolving business environment gives rise to the need for an increasing level of specialized services..

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Al Maal Article 9/12/2017- Mostafa El Shibini


Article Mostafa El Shibini

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Al Maal Dated 15.3.2017 with Mostafa El Shibini


ريدكون تبدا بانشاء منطقة طبية باستثمارات قدرها 800 مليون جنية

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دعوة للتفاؤل - Al Allam El Youm 8.12.20...


من البديهى أن كل دول العالم تواجه المشاكل، ولا يستثنى من ذلك أقواها وأكثرها تقدما. و ذلك قد يؤدى الى حالة من التفاؤل تستحق البحث عن مصدرها ودوافعها‏,‏ فلم قد نشعر بالتفاؤل؟..الرد هنا سيكون هو إدراك الواقع والتعامل مع معطياته بإيجابياته وسلبياته، هذا الشعور هو الذي يؤدي للنج...

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Mostafa El Shib...

Mostafa El Shibini- Al Mentor Page

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EICG website la...

EICG is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. we will be pleased to know your kind reviews about our completely new website.

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